Client: AYOND
Year: 2023
Location: New York, USA

– Brand Strategy
– Design Strategy
– Brand Identity
– Brand System Design
– Packaging Design
– Editorial Design
– Marketing Design

– Ayond’s Founder + Creative Director: Shani van Breukelen
– Ayond’s Founder: Porter Yates
– Creative Director + Design: Cris Mascort
– Design: Clara Ongil
– Photography: David William Baum, Porter Yates, Manolo Campion, Bangal Dawson + Plainsight
– Printer: Rohner Press

AYOND is a desert-inspired skincare and fragrance brand—a clinically crafted beauty and lifestyle fusion that combines powerful actives grown only in the desert with topical nootropics and mood-boosting aromatics to rejuvenate from the inside out.

Alongside Cris Mascort, we embarked on a transformative journey to redesign AYOND’s original brand identity and meticulously crafted a comprehensive brand system that seamlessly extends across packaging, interface, marketing, and beyond.

Synonymous with 'beyond,' inspired by desert resilience and creating a physical and ethereal space for healing and self-discovery, AYOND’s holistic approach not only enhances the brand's visual presence but also underscores its commitment to sustainability and mindful living.


Collaborating closely with AYOND's co-founders, Shani van Breukelen and Porter Yates, and in partnership with Rohner Press, we developed a language for the packaging of AYOND's skincare serum, balm, oil, and cream, seamlessly integrating sustainability as a core brand principle.

As part of this initiative, we introduced the desert line—a meticulously embossed design element symbolizing the rugged beauty of the desert. This addition not only enhances the overall aesthetics but also acts as a guiding element, directing the user through the content of the packaging.

In addition to the desert line, the brand symbol, also embossed and intricately carved in some elements, contributes to a unified visual system that invites users on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing from the inside out.


In the second phase of our collaboration with AYOND, we took on the challenge of expanding their product line into the world of fragrance. Each fragrance is meticulously crafted, drawing inspiration from the distinctive characteristics of the arid landscape and the indigenous flora that thrives within it.

Parallel to our skincare line, sustainability remains a fundamental principle, primarily manifesting in our packaging elements.

This new fragrance collection signifies AYOND's dedication to providing a more comprehensive and transformative beauty and lifestyle experience, pushing the brand beyond its skincare origins.


Our collaboration with AYOND went beyond product development, extending into the digital and collateral landscape. We provided direction to revamp the website to seamlessly unify the online experience. Social media layouts were strategically crafted to reflect AYOND's essence and engage users in a transformative beauty journey. The desert-inspired aesthetic also translated into merchandising, creating a seamless connection between the online and offline brand experience.


Clara Ongil is a branding specialist and graphic designer based in Brooklyn. Working with a multi-disciplinary approach for a wide range of global clients, she aims to bring meaningful and emotion-driven visual identities and products to life through thoughtful and elevated design solutions.



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