Client: Xtravaganza
Year: 2023
Location: Madrid, Spain

– Brand Strategy
– Brand Identity
– Art Direction
– Packaging
– Digital
– Social Media
– Collateral

– Syling: Gemma Siveroni
– Photography: Roberto Sastre

Xtravaganza is a Spanish brand specializing in unique dental grillz and gems. In a growing trend of individual expression, Xtravaganza stands out as a high-quality choice for those wanting to showcase their uniqueness through their smile.

Drawing inspiration from the realms of fashion, beauty, and their industry landscape, I provided precise and tailored art direction to ensure that every photo and video captured the essence of Xtravaganza's brand vision with utmost clarity and impact. The visual identity was meticulously crafted to make a resounding statement and assert Xtravaganza's presence in their chosen market space, forging a bold and commanding brand identity.

In addition, I focused on creating a powerful product experience by designing strong and iconic packaging that complements the high-quality grillz and dental jewelry. This packaging was crafted to enhance the overall brand perception and provide customers with a memorable unboxing experience, further solidifying Xtravaganza's position as a leader in the industry.

Lastly, I offered templates and guidance on effectively showcasing the products and visual identity on web and social media platforms. This included creating engaging Instagram stories and post layouts designed to captivate users and drive sales for the brand. By providing strategic direction in online presentation, Xtravaganza was empowered to establish a compelling online presence and connect with its audience in a meaningful way.


Clara Ongil is a branding specialist and graphic designer based in Brooklyn. Working with a multi-disciplinary approach for a wide range of global clients, she aims to bring meaningful and emotion-driven visual identities and products to life through thoughtful and elevated design solutions.



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