Client: Dream, Westdale Properties and Great Gulf
Year: 2022-2023
Location: Toronto, Canada

— Film
— Naming
— Brand Strategy
— Brand Identity
— Stationery
— Website Design
— Art Direction
— Book Design
— Experiential & Sales Gallery Design

— Watson & Company
— Films CD: Jonathan Horner
— Films Production: Ruffian LLC

After six decades of global practice, the acclaimed architect Frank Gehry returns with his tallest creation ever. A towering tribute to his hometown of Toronto. In collaboration with Watson & Company, we launched this new architectural masterpiece for Toronto. Forma is poised to become the most iconic residential development in Canada.

The project's name, Forma, was carefully chosen to mirror the essence of Gehry's masterpieces—each characterized by its unique form ("Forma" in Latin) that distinguish each creation.

Gehry aimed to capture Toronto's unique light interaction with his buildings. We realized this vision by infusing our brand's color palette with hues resembling sunrise and sunset iridescence, beautifully reflecting on the towers. Our dynamic brand mark pays homage to Gehry's iconic style, mirroring both the towers' forms and façade waves, aiming to establish them as global architectural icons.

As part of the marketing campaign, we created The Boy & The Moon, an inspirational brand film that embodies Gehry's limitless creativity. Created in collaboration with Jonathan Horner as the CD, and with Ruffian LLC as our production partners, we secured a win at The International ANDY Awards.

In collaboration with Forma’s interior designer Paolo Ferrari Studio, we created an immersive journey through a bespoke Frank Gehry-inspired museum seamlessly integrated with the project's sales space, captivating potential buyers and generating widespread awareness. This experiential approach seamlessly leads visitors to the sales area, where the distinct features of the Forma project are highlighted, ensuring a captivating and informative experience for all.


Clara Ongil is a branding specialist and graphic designer based in Brooklyn. Working with a multi-disciplinary approach for a wide range of global clients, she aims to bring meaningful and emotion-driven visual identities and products to life through thoughtful and elevated design solutions.



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